Social – 2016 Apr 10

Faith and Love by Micaela Svensson Erlandsson
Your Heartbeat by Brenda Shatto
Is It Desire? by Niels Poulsen and Raymond Sarlemijn

Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Mundy, Szymanski, Glass)
All Bass No Treble (Libertwins)
And Get It On (Trepat & Vane)
Blackpool by the Sea (Teather)
Boys Like You (McEnaney-White)
Bruno’s Way (Niels)/You’re Amazing (Mundy)
Cake by the Ocean (Blevins)
City of Angels (Shatto)
Cliché Love Song (Mundy, Glass, Szymanski)
Come Dance With Me (Szymanski)
Dark Times (Van Grootel, Trepat, Vane)
Darling Hold My Hand (Fitzgerald & Harris)
Dock of the Bay (White)
Extreme Love (Poulsen)
Faith and Love (Erlandsson)
Fall for You (Rushton)
Fault Line (Warren)
Feel (Blevins)
Forever (Murray, Hadisubroto & Sarlemijn)
Get Your Shoes On (Blevins & Szymanski)
Go to Work (Warren)
I Know What You Did Last Summer (Hadisubroto, Murray)
I Need to Know (Christian-Sohn)
I’m Coming Over (Hadisubroto & Murray)
I’m Mad (Shatto)
Is It Desire (Poulsen & Sarlemijn)
It’s Murda (Neville, Julie)
Larger Than Life (Ward)
Let It Be Me (Glass & Bailey)
Levels (Craig)
Love Me Down (Whitehouse)
Love Yourself (Warren)
Lover Come Back (Blevins)
Making History (Bennett, Musk, Ward)
Never Been to Spain (Szymanski)
New Thang (Sobrielo, Lee, Sarlemijn)
No Diggity (McAdam)
One Wing (Whitehouse)
People Help the People (Hadisubroto +3)
Running (Craig)
Sensacion (Hadisubroto/Bailey)
Shake (Mundy)
Shy (Kinser & Shatto)
Skinny Love (Hadisubroto)
Somebody to Love Me (Shatto)
Something In The Water (Poulsen)
Stitches (Glass)
Strip it Down (McEnaney-White)
Sugar Honey I.T. (Barnes)
Summertime Strolling (Brown)
Thinkin’ Country (Ward)
Trespassing (Whitehouse & Bailey)
Whip It (White, McKeever)
Witness (Whitehouse & Bailey)
Won’t Tell a Soul (McEnaney-White, Jakobsen)
Your Heartbeat (Shatto)
You’re Not the Boss of Me (Poulsen & Ward)
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