Social – 2016 Jun 12


50 Ways (Stott)
A Little Sweet (Albro)
Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Mundy, Szymanki & Glass)
Ain’t No Angel (Jakobsen & McLaughlin)
All Bass No Treble (Libertwins)
Alley Cat (Aiken)
Blackpool by the Sea (Teather)
Blow Me A Kiss (Shatto)
Boys & Girls (Lai)
Boys Like You (McEnaney-White)
Cake by the Ocean (Blevins)
City of Angels (Shatto)
Cliché Love Song (Mundy, Szymanki, Robinson)
Come Dance With Me (Szymanski)
Counting Stars (Ward)
Dance With Me Tonight (Marshall)
Darling Hold My Hand (Fitzgerald & Harris)
Diva (Vos)
Dock of the Bay (White)
Don’t (Glass)
Extreme Love (Poulsen)
Faith and Love (Erlandsson)
Falling Rain (Lam)
Feel Good (McKeever)
Fly Like A Bird (McAdams)
For the First Time (Poulsen)
Forever (Murray, Hadisubroto & Sarlemijn)
Get Your Shoes On (Blevins & Szymanski)
Girl Crush (Johnstone & McEnaney-White)
Girls Like (Fitzgerald & Harris)
Go To Work (Warren)
How I Want Ya (Warren & White)
I Know What You Did Last Summer (Hadisubroto & Murray)
I Love It (Vos)
I Need to Know (Christian-Sohn)
I’m In Love With You (Vane & Hotland)
In My Life (Tobin)
Is It Desire (Poulsen & Sarlemijn)
Just Let It Go (Mundy & Poulsen)
Let It Be Me (Glass & Bailey)
Levels (Craig)
Linger (Fitzgerald & Harris)
Listen (Mundy)
Love Me Down (Whitehouse)
Lover Come Back (Blevins)
Making History (Bennett, Musk & Ward)
Mom, The Bomb (Poulsen & Strong)
More Dessert (Mundy & Wallman)
My Father’s Son (Verdonk, Hadisubroto)
Never Been to Spain (Szymanski)
New Thang (Sobrielo, Lee, Sarlemijn)
One Wing (Whitehouse)
Part of the List (Jakobsen & White)
Playing With Fire (Bennett)
Rolling In The Deep (Gallagher)
Running (Craig)
Sensacion (Bailey, Hadisubroto, Sarlemijn)
Shake (Mundy)
Shut Up and Dance (Peter & Allison)
Somebody To Love Me (Shatto)
Stitches (Glass)
Storybook Endings (Hale)
Strip it Down (McEnaney-White)
Strip it Down Down Down (Shatto)
Sugar Rush (Thornton)
Summertime Strolling (Brown)
Thankful (Whitehouse)
The Waiting Game (Whitehouse)
Tonight (Hadisubroto & Sarlemijn)
Wakey Wakey (Blevins & Szymanski)
Wearing Your Jeans (Fitzgerald & Harris)
What’s The Pressure (Lai)
Whip It! (McKeever & McEnaney-White)
Witness (Whitehouse & Bailey)
Won’t Tell a Soul (McEnaney-White, Jakobsen)
Your Heartbeat (Shatto)
You’re Not the Boss of Me (Poulsen & Ward)
You’re So Beautiful (Evans)
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