Workshop with Scott Schrank – 2011 Oct 12

The workshop took place in Suzie’s Studio in San Rafael. Good times indeed! It was a great night spent with friends laughing and dancing.

The following dances were taught by Scott.

To know more about Scott and his dances, visit his website at

A Report from Judy R. (an excerpt from WLDN)

Thank you Judy for submitting this entry to the World Line Dance Newsletter!

From: Judy

To give you the entire picture, I would have to start with the drive through the Golden Gate Bridge. The lady turns 75 next May (preparation for a big birthday bash is underway) and although she had lost the distinction of being the longest span in the world her fame persists. She constantly refreshes her lipstick red color (the official name is international orange) though lots of times she hides it behind a veil of fog. Yet even that adds to her looks. Of course it helps that where she sits is incomparably beautiful. On one side is the magical San Francisco Bay and on the other is the mystical Pacific Ocean where the deep blue water meets the pale blue sky. Then you enter the rainbow tunnel into lush Marin valley, you pass rolling hills and distant mountains and with your favorite music in the background, before you know it you’re there and in my case, late. It’s one of the reverse laws of nature – the closer you are to your destination (Petaluma is only 32 miles north of SF) the later you tend to get there.

Maurice had already finished teaching his beginner dance, FOHAWK (32 cnt to Peacock by Katy Perry) and Guyton was in the middle of his beginner dance, LAZY!!! (32 cnt to The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars). Guyton? Beginner? Well, he calls it high beginner, there are turns, repeats and restarts and you need to throw in attitude when you do the bounces to make it look real good. Then this was followed by a technique teach by Maurice on chacha steps and turns and then technique by Guyton on hiphop steps and arm movements. Maurice was right on when he said that he and Guyton are like Yin and Yang of dance. Guyton dances close to the ground, Maurice lightly touches the floor. It’s an inspired pairing, like Gene Kelley and Fred Astaire. After lunch, Guyton taught MMM DADA!!! (the exc. points stand for degree of difficulty), SLINGIN’ MUD (another phrased dance but without the !!!), MY MOTIVATION (this was a surprise teach at the Boston Showdown, then it was so fresh it didn’t have a name yet) and the finale was another very new dance it also didn’t have a name yet. So new that he had to check himself every now and then and sometimes change the steps. Another great dance from Guyton, no arm movements, more in line with You’re Amazing and Perfect. Maurice taught ENDLESS DREAMS to Dream Big by Jasmine Sullivan, BLACK SWEAT (a !!! dance, 64 cnts, phrased), 3-D (beg, to Bad Girl by Massari), and finally MEGA SEXXY (Imp. 48 cnts to Hey Sexy Lady by Shaggy).

There was open dancing in between the teaches and then after dinner from 7-11PM. JOHN TRENTACOSTI provided the music the entire event. A taxing task to say the least yet he did it with a smile on his face to everyone that approached his table and even jumped on the floor to start a dance when we floundered. There was a printed dance list for the evening with room for dance requests and for and the open dancing during the day he of course had what makes bay area DJs the best in the world, a printed list of dances that one can initial for requests and if your dance is not there, a space to write them in. This makes our DJs very much in tune with the dancers and nobody is left sitting out the dances unless one prefers to.

There was a drawing for a Canon camera (everyone got a raffle ticket with their name badge) which Trish Boesel won but taking possession of the price was another matter. She had to go wrestle it from Greta, they were evenly matched but you know who won that one. There was also raffle tickets for a cash prize, bottles of wine (this is wine country, naturally) and posters of the Golden Gate Bridge. Maurice added that there is one more prize and sweeping his body with his hand, said “you can get this for 30 minutes”. Guyton, not to be outdone, offered 3 hours for the next 30 years.

The event was held in the Veterans Memorial Bldg. auditorium, a huge space, high ceiling, big stage and perfect wood floors, enough space for lots of tables, a shoe vendor, a complimentary massage corner (cured my sore shoulder from too much digging and planting in the garden), a snack table laden with healthy food, hot coffee and tea, flowers and balloons all around giving color and a festive air to the affair.

Maurice turns 31 at the end of the month, so there were 2 huge birthday cakes enough to feed all of Petaluma and not just any ol’ birthday card, but a poster card where everybody can sign. With his handsome seamless face and lithe physique, I signed “Happy 18th birthday”.

Petaluma, where American Graffitti was filmed, with it’s historic buildings and victorian houses, it’s vineyards, dairy and chicken farms, has been dubbed as the “perfect little town”. Well, they just had a “perfect little linedance event” there thanks to the organizers: ANITA J., DOLLY U., BRENDA S. and GRETA S. who went over and above what one would normally expect from an event given the price. Speaking of price, we went for dinner to Gourmet Garden Buffet restaurant and true to its name, there was endless selection of dishes from soup, salad, sushi, dimsum, main courses of meat, seafood and vegetables, desserts and fruits and everything I had was tasty all for $12.99. Coming from SF, it was a sticker surprise!

After that perfect sunny spring day, I said goodnight to the grand dame as I drove through her in the rain.

Judy Romanenkov

Workshop with Guyton & Maurice – 2011 May 14

May 14, 2011 was the first linedance workshop hosted by the group. This took place at the Petaluma Memorial Veterans Hall. Guyton Mundy (Orlando, FL) & Maurice Rowe (Tampa, FL) traveled far to teach the workshop.

It was a fun day of lessons and dancing with a mix of Soul line dancing led by Sheila Robertson during the lunch break open dance. The fun continued at the evening dance. John Trentacosti, the event DJ, kept the music going. Hats off to you John!

Trish Boesel won the Grand Prize which Guyton thought was a “damn good camera”, a Canon SD3500. There was a 50/50 raffle and the pot went to June Trentacosti. A few more items were given away like bottle of wines, vodka made from California grapes, Vineyard photo, Golden Gate Bridge poster, grape-themed place mats. To top that off, Maurice and Guyton offered a private session to two (2) lucky winners. Congratulations to Carol Eclavea for winning the private session with Maurice. I am sure everyone wishes they were you. Also to Cecilia Naval and her friends for winning the private session with Guyton. Is it not pure luck to have won a 3 hour-session as a group? They will still get a good session even split 4 or 5-ways.

We also celebrated Maurice’s birthday in advance with a huge birthday card and cake. Happy Birthday DQ!

On behalf of the group, Thank you!


Guyton Mundy Maurice Rowe
Mmm Dada!!!
My Motivation
Slingin’ Mud
Nowhere To Slide
Black Sweat
Endless Dreams
Mega Sexxy

Workshop Playlist

All You Can
Beer For My Horses
Big Bang Boogie
Bittersweet Memories
Blue Sky
California King
Chicken Walk Jive
Chill Factor
Crazy Foot Mambo
Dirty Bit
Everything I Do
Fly Like A Bird
I Belong To You
Islands In The Stream
Mad World
Mamma Maria
My New Life
Now Or Never
On The Water
Only A Shadow
People Are Crazy
Private Dancer
Red Hot Rock & Roller
Rhyme Or Reason
Rolling In The Deep
Smarter Women
Soul Food
Wild Wild West
Still Got The Blues
Talking To The Moon
Trust Me
Under The Sun
Zydeco Lady

Evening Dance Playlist

Bittersweet Memory
Black Sweat
Blue Sky
Boot Scootin Boogie
Bottle It Up
Cadillac Ride
Can’t Handle Me
Cheatin’ Myself
Chicken Walk Jive
Don’t Be A Drag
Don’t Miss A Thing
Dreaming About You
East to West
Endless Dreams
Everything I Do
Guyton new
Homeward Bound
Hurts Instead
I Love Lucy
I Scream
Imma Be
Jump On This
Little Red Corvette
Mmm Dada!
My Motivation
Not Together Now
Notice The Danger
Oh, Ruby
Only Girl
Ooh I Like That!
People are Crazy
Rolling in the Deep
Siempre Cha Cha
Slingin’ Mud
Soul Food
This & That
Wonderland Waltz
Written In The Stars
You’re Amazing

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