2011 Dances

Dances taught at the social in the year 2011

2011 Dec 11

Love Repeats by Michelle Burton
Still Water Runs Deep by Vivienne Scott & Kim Ray
Wild Wild West by Jason Cameron & Jerry Siebe

2011 Oct 9

Try Try Try by Bracken Ellis & JP Potter
Jump In Da Line by Guyton Mundy

2011 Aug 14

Bounce by Barry Durand
Love on Top by Kate Sala

2011 Jul 10

Something In The Water by Niels Poulsen
That Kinda Lovin’ by Guyton Mundy

2011 Apr 10

Cheatin’ Myself by Guyton Mundy
Open Book by Jo Thompson Szymanski

2011 Mar 13

Mojo Mambo by Ira Weisburd
Perfect! by Guyton Mundy

2011 Feb 13

I’ll Come Running by Forty Arroyo
Only Girl by Simon Ward & Niels Poulsen

2011 Jan 23

Give A Little More by Judy Rodgers
Ooh I Like That by Rachael McEnaney & Ryan Lindsey

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