2013 Dances

These are the dances taught at the socials for the year 2013.

2013 Aug 11

Summer Celebration by Ira Weisburd
Hey You Beautiful by Dan Morrison
Overnight by Rob Fowler

2013 Jun 9

Booty Chuk by Scott Blevins & Lou Ann Schemmel
Mirrors by Amy Glass & Will Craig
Voodoo Me Baby by Jill Babinec & Julie Ellis

2013 Apr 14

M.C.B.A. by Malene Jakobsen
Please Say You Do by Brenda Shatto and Lisa McCammon
TNT by Atlantic City Soul Line Dancers

2013 Mar 10

Bruises by Niels Poulsen
Come Together 2013 by Debbie McLaughlin
Give Me A Reason by Beverly Boot

2013 Jan 13

Deeply Completely by Rob Fowler
Hey Boy by Ria Vos
Outta Control by Simon Ward

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