Social – 2016 Feb 14


1, 2, 3, 4 (Poulsen)
A Little Sweet (Albro)
Ah Si (Masur)
Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Mundy, Szymanki & Glass)
Ain’t No Angel (Jakobsen & McLaughlin)
And Get It On (Trepat & Vane)
All Bass No Treble (Libertwins)
Baby Kate (Poulsen)
Bittersweet Memories (Vos)
Black & Blue (Ward)
Blue Night Cha (Ray)
Blue Sky (Poulsen)
Boys Like You (McEnaney-White)
Cake by the Ocean (Blevins)
Can’t Rely On You (Bailey, Sarlemijn & Hadisubroto)
Charlie’s Cha (Stone)
City of Angels (Shatto)
Cliché Love Song (Mundy, Szymanki, Robinson)
Come Dance With Me (Szymanski)
Dark Times (Van Grootel, Trepat, Vane)
Dear Future Husband (Wetzel)
Dirty Work (Blevins)
Diva (Vos)
Dock of the Bay (White)
Don’t (Glass)
Don’t Make Me Suffer (Belloque, Holland & Verdonk)
Elektrisk (Sarlemijn, Bailey, Hadisubroto, Haugen)
Extreme Love (Poulsen)
EZ Bomp (Robinson)
Fall for You (Rushton)
Feel The Light (Hadisubroto & Murray)
Foot Play (Whittaker)
Forever (Murray, Hadisubroto & Sarlemijn)
French Nights (Shatto)
Get Your Shoes On (Blevins & Szymanski)
Ghost Train (Hunyadi)
Go To Work (Warren)
I Need to Know (Christian-Sohn)
Leave You Alone (Warren & Vane)
Let It Be Me (Glass & Bailey)
Levels (Craig)
Listen (Mundy)
Love Yourself (Warren)
Mango Groove (Johnstone)
Making History (Bennett, Musk & Ward)
My Father’s Son (Verdonk, Hadisubroto)
My Hero (Poulsen)
Never Been to Spain (Szymanski)
New Thang (Sobrielo, Lee, Sarlemijn)
NYC Funk (Rushton)
No Diggity (McAdam)
Oh What a French Night (Shatto)
One Minute (Madge)
One Wing (Whitehouse)
Only Love (Mundy)
You’re Not the Boss of Me (Poulsen & Ward)
Party Night (Murray & Hadisubroto)
People Help the People (Sarlemijn, Hadisubroto, Bailey, Verdonk & van Grootel)
Pontoon (Smith)
Pour One Up (Andersen)
Red Lights (Poulsen)
Remedy (Maag & Poulsen)
Round Your Finger (Warren)
Running (Craig)
Save the Day (Winson)
Shake (Mundy)
Shut Up and Dance (Peter & Allison)
Skinny Love (Hadisubroto)
Something In The Water (Poulsen)
Stitches (Glass)
Stories (Barnes)
Storybook Endings (Hale)
Street Soul (MIL)
Strip it Down (McEnaney-White)
Strip it Down Down Down (Shatto)
Suffer (Stith)
Sugar Honey I.T. (Barnes)
Sugar Rush (Thornton)
Summer Wind (Szymanski)
Summertime Strolling (Brown)
The Bite (Vos)
The Bomp (Ray)
The Peaceful Valley (Whitehouse & Warren)
Tonight (Hadisubroto & Sarlemijn)
Trilogy (Tajali Smith)
Tush Push (Ferrazzano & Engel)
Uptown Funk (Fowler)
Wakey Wakey (Blevins & Szymanski)
What’s Cooking (Rushton)
Whip It! (McEnaney-White)
Witness (Whitehouse & Bailey)
Wobble (Brentnell)
Won’t Tell a Soul (McEnaney-White, Jakobsen)
You’re Not the Boss of Me (Poulsen & Ward)
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