Sponsors & Supporters for Workshop with Niels (2013)

Workshop with Niels Poulsen (February 15-16, 2013)

Our heartfelt gratitude to the following individuals and entities for their generous contributions and support. Many, many thanks!

Event Sponsors
Cindy Aldrich
Beverly Allison
Bill Brown
Jessie Chan
Johanna de Bruin
Olie Firpo
Judy Hitchcock
Michele Holleran
Sally Homsi
Ellen Krebs
Silina & Bob Kreisel
Sue Larimer
Stacey Lu
Iris & Robert Ostling
Kathleen Podhurst
Niels Poulsen
Stacey Reed
Judy Romanenkov
Joanne Tingley
June & John Trentacosti
Peter Urquhart
Karen Vyner-Brooks
Dedra Wilson
Betty Wischemann
Lawrence Yee

Karen Felker
Vicki Frate
Amy Hogg
David Lindecke
Martha McEwen

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