Our First Social

Sunday, October 17, 2010, started out as a rather dreary day. It actually rained in sunny California! And as the day went on it drizzled here and there, sometimes it rained and believe it or not the sun never really showed up. What’s up with that! If we weren’t so busy getting ready for our Wine Country Line Dance Social/Open House we would have wondered who would travel and come dance with us in this annoying rainy day weather. Well, we didn’t have to worry anyway, line dancers from far and near started to arrive well before we started at 10:00 in the morning. We hooked up the sound system, started the music and before we knew it we were in our line dance world dancing and dancing away.

Our line dance social has come and gone. It was held at the Rohnert Park Senior Center on Sunday, October 17th. We’re happy to say that it turned out to be a fun day. Dancers came from Sonoma County, Marin County, and as far away as the East Bay and south of San Francisco. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, whenever possible, people with line dance fever will travel all over the world for a chance to dance. And we are grateful they came, close to 50 people attended bringing with them their knowledge, their style and love of line dancing.

The day started out with the dance “Everything I Do” followed by “Bossa Nova”, “Feel” and many more. In fact, we danced 40 dances and did some of them more than once, for a total of 60. “Wow”, as someone commented, “that’s a full day of dancing”! After we warmed up with several favorite dances Brenda taught “Know Me by Now” choreographed by Craig Bennett to the music, “If You Don’t Know Me by Now”, by Seal. And “So Said Joe” choreographed by Bracken Ellis Potter, JP Potter and Scott Blevins to the music “Kandi” by One EskimO . After that we took a short lunch break while the music kept on playing. Since snacks were available throughout the day it was possible to stay on the dance floor and just sneak in a bite or two here and there. It turned out everyone did take some time out for nourishment. Besides dances we also learned that between the crumb cake, fruit, trail mix, assorted M&M’s, pretzels and cookies the king of snacks was M&M’s.

I guess you know what happened after lunch….. we danced and danced some more! Then Brenda reviewed “Know Me by Now” and “So Said Joe”. Following the reviews, again we danced, dancing away all the requests people sent in. There were 120 dances set up on the playlist, for some odd reason time went faster then we could dance, alas, we didn’t get to all of them.

Just before the Open House portion of the social, Brenda taught one more dance “Sugar Candy” by Neville Fitzgerald and Julie Harris to the music “Candy Girl” by Inner Circle feat. Flo Rida. During the Open House which was from 3:00 to 5:00 pm seniors associated with the Center and others who were interested could come and watch the line dancing and learn a couple of dances if they felt like trying it out. Brenda taught “Cupid Shuffle” by Cupid which was well received, especially by those who had never line danced before. Dolly taught “Shuffle Boogie Soul” choreographed by Ira Weisburd to the music of “Honky Tonk” by Preston Shannon. During this part of the day we danced more beginner dances. It was a chance for non line dancers to join in and try a dance that looked easy and for beginner line dancers to “pick up” any dances that were new to them.

Sunday, October 17, was a mixed day. It was a mix of old and new dances, a mix of easy and more difficult dances, a mix of type of dances, and a mix of styles of dancing. This day was about a mix of people, different line dance groups from all ages and backgrounds coming to one place to enjoy dancing together. At the end of the day, despite the dreary weather, we had a wonderful day, we created our own warmth by dancing, we created our own sun by seeing friends and meeting new ones, we replenished our energy with nourishments and because of all that we renewed our spirit, so that after some rest, we can dance again and again.

A big and heartfelt thank you goes out to Brenda for providing the music and teaches and keeping the day going and going. She did a fabulous job! Of course, without our volunteers this day would have been too much to handle. Thank you so much for those helping with registration set up and clean up. Thank you, too, to those who helped others with the dances or “took someone under her wing” and those who made others feel welcome. It all results in a supportive and nurturing line dance community. We would love it if everyone feels as great as we do about line dancing!

In fact, we feel so great about it we’re going to do it again! Check this website regularly for updates!

Social – 2010 Oct 17

WCLD First Social

Where: Rohnert Park Senior Center
Instructors: Brenda Shatto & Dolly Urquhart

Cupid Shuffle by Cupid
Know Me By Now by Craig Bennett
S.B.S. (Shuffle Boogie Soul) by Ira Weisburd
So Said Joe by Bracken Ellis Potter, JP Potter and Scott Blevins
Sugar Candy by Neville Fitzgerald and Julie Harris

Dance Playlist:

Abidi Hi Bidi Hop
Baby Come On
Be Back Soon
Before the Devil
Blue Note
Blue Sky
Bobbi with an I
Bosa Nova
Cabo San Lucas
Cha Cha Lengua
Cha Cha Tonight
Chill Factor
Crazy Foot Mambo
Cry to Me
Cupid Shuffle
Dog Gone Blues
Dream of You
Everything I Do
Have Fun Go Mad
Hello Dolly
Hideaway Cha
Holdin’ It Down
I Like it Loud
I Love Lucy
Islands in the Stream
Jive Walkin’
Jo ‘N Jo Tango
Kill the Spiders
Know Me By Now
Let’s Get Saved
Little Red Corvette
Miller Magic
Mojo Rhythm
Murder My Heart
On the Water
Quarter After One
S.B.S. (Shuffle Boogie Soul)
So Said Joe
Slow Burn
Tennessee Waltz Surprise
Time to Play
Together Forever
Trouble Is
Walking in the Rain
Waltz Across Texas
Zenyatta’s Waltz
Zone Out
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The birth of WCLD

It all started with an idea…

We were at a workshop that weekend.  We drove 3-4 hours for the event and had a great time meeting dancers and instructors and of course dancing.  It was so much fun!

Dolly, Anita and I were together one day and reminiscing about the event.  Then one of us asked “Wouldn’t it be great to have an event in our area?”

And as they say… the rest is history!

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