Social – 2015 Jun 14

Summertime Strolling by Kathy Brown
Shy by Jo & John Kinser & Brenda Shatto
Effortless by Klara Wallman


A Little Sweet (Dan Albro)
Ain’t No Angel (Malene Jakobsen)
Ain’t Wot U Do (Neville F. & Julie H.)
All I Can Say (Simon W. & Rachael M.)
And Get It On (Daniel T. & Jose Miguel V.)
Bachata Conmigo (Ira Weisburd)
Beautiful Goodbye (Michael Barr)
Beneath It All (Amy Glass)
Blank Space (Amy G.) / Write Your Name (Julia W.)
Blow Me a Kiss (Brenda Shatto)
Bo$$ (Scott Blevins & Maria Maag)
Build Me Up Buttercup (Dee Musk)
Cecilia (Willie B. & Heather B.)
Dear Future Husband (Julia Wetzel)
Don’t You Remember (Dee Musk)
Don’t (Amy Glass)
Down To The River (Klara Wallman)
Earned It (Julia Wetzel)
Effortless (Klara Wallman)
Eternal Secret (Ria Vos)
Falling Rain (Juliet Lam)
Feel the Light (Roy H. & Fiona M.)
Forever (Fiona M., Roy H. & Raymond S.)
Girl Crush! (Rachael McEnaney)
Homegrown (Rachael McEnaney)
I Hope You Find It (Niels Poulsen)
I’m Mad (Brenda Shatto)
Love Me Like You Do (Ria Vos)
Love Never Felt So Good (Fiona M. & Roy H.)
No Man’s Land (Ria Vos)
People Help the People (Raymond S., Roy H., Darren B., Roy V. & Pim V.)
Rainmaker (Niels Poulsen)
Rock & Roll King (Rachael McEnaney)
Run (Scott Blevins)
Run Away with You (Neville F. & Julie H.)
Say You Love Me (J/J Kinser & Brenda S.)
See You Again (Guyton M. & Klara W.)
She Gives Me Love (Brenda Shatto)
Shy (Jo & John Kinser, Brenda Shatto)
Something In The Water (Niels Poulsen)
Street Soul (Masters In Line)
Sugar Rush (Trevor Thornton)
Summer Wind (Jo Thompson Szymanski)
Summertime Strolling (Kathy Brown)
Toes (Rachael McEnaney)
Trouble Is (Scott Blevins)
Trouble to Me (Julia Wetzel)
Trouble to Me EZ (Julia Wetzel)
Undo (Helena Jeppson)
Uptown Funk (Rob Fowler)
Wakey Wakey (Scott B. & Jo T.)
When I’m 64 (Michael Barr)
Whispering (Joey Warren)
Yes! (Simon Ward & Jo Thompson S.)
You’ll Be Okay (Rachael McEnaney)
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