Social – 2016 Nov 20

Baby, I’m Home by Anne Herd
Blessed by Jackie Miranda
Hold Me Up by Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubroto
Heaven on Earth by Simon Ward & Malene Jakobsen

Blackpool by the Sea (Teather)
Carry You Home (Ward)
Corazon Diamante (Verdonk, O’Reilly & Gallagher)
Do Something Crazy (Mundy)
Feel (Blevins)
Feel Good (McKeever)
Fragile (Mundy, Whitehouse & Madge)
Frankie Fever (Glover)
Fresh Eyes (Glass)
Funk N Feel It (White & Centeno)
Gimmie Gimmie (Lee)
Handclap (Ellis & Zahorsky)
Harden Up Princess (Ward)
How I Want Ya (Warren & White)
I Know Somebody (Shatto)
I Met A Girl (Shatto)
If I Wuz U (Fitzgerald & Harris)
Keep It Groovin’ (Szymanski & Blevins)
Lemonade (Szymanski & Jakobsen)
Lipstick, Powder & Paint (Rutter)
Make You Miss Me (Shatto & Kinser)
Making History (Bennett, Musk & Ward)
Maybe Tomorrow (Poulsen & Jakobsen)
More Dessert (Mundy & Wallman)
New Thang (Sobrielo, Lee & Sarlemijn)
Pieces (Betts)
Russian Roulette (Ward & Simpkin)
Shake That (Glover)
Skinny Love (Hadisubroto)
Sound of Silence (Mundy)
Take Me To The Riveer (Verdonk & Dahlgren)
The Beast (Fowler)
The Wild Life (Blevins)
Vegas Baby ( White, McKeever & Poulsen)
When You Love Someone (O’Reilly)
Whip It! (McKeever & McEnaney-White)
Woman Up (White & Christian)
Work From Home (Mundy, Whitehouse & Madge)
Your Heartbeat (Shatto)
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