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Workshop with Roy “Astro Boy” Hadisubroto (Mar 4-5, 2016)

cover 2016-03-05 [1]

Tightrope [2] by Roy Hadisubroto & Daniel Trepat
Short Small Sally [3] (aka Long Tall Sally) by Roy Hadisubroto and Raymond Sarlemijn
Jakarta Bachata [4] by Roy Hadisubroto, Fiona Murray, Jun Andrizal, Mitha Primasari
I’m Coming Over [5] by Roy Hadisubroto & Fiona Murray
I Know What You Did Last Summer [6] by Roy Hadisubroto & Fiona Murray
Love Never Felt So Good [7] by Roy Hadisubroto & Fiona Murray
Music [8]

A Little Sweet (Albro)
Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Mundy, Szymanki & Glass)
And Get It On (Trepat & Vane)
Black & Blue (Ward)
Blow Me A Kiss (Shatto)
Cadillac Ride (Mundy)
Cake by the Ocean (Blevins)
Can You This (Warren)
Charlie’s Cha (Stone)
City of Angels (Shatto)
Cliché Love Song (Mundy, Szymanki, Robinson)
Come Dance With Me (Szymanski)
Dear Future Husband (Wetzel)
Dock of the Bay (White)
Elektrisk (Sarlemijn, Bailey, Hadisubroto, Haugen)
Ex’s & Oh’s (Dominguez & Liberman)
Extreme Love (Poulsen)
Fall for You (Rushton)
Feel The Light (Hadisubroto & Murray)
Fly Like A Bird (McAdams)
Follow Me (Bailey, Sarlemijn & Whitehouse)
Forever (Murray, Hadisubroto & Sarlemijn)
French Nights (Shatto)
Get Your Shoes On (Blevins & Szymanski)
Girl Crush (Johnstone & McEnaney-White)
Girl Crushin’ (Dominguez)
Have Fun Go Mad (Blevins)
Homegrown (McEnaney)
I Need to Know (Christian-Sohn)
Imelda’s Way (Churm)
Larger Than Life (Ward)
Let It Be Me (Glass & Bailey)
Listen (Mundy)
Love Me Down (Whitehouse)
Love Yourself (Warren)
Make It Shake (Whitehouse & Bailey)
Making History (Bennett, Musk & Ward)
Move A Like (Vos)
Moves Like Jagger (Potter)
Music High (Hinton)
My Father’s Son (Verdonk, Hadisubroto)
Never Been to Spain (Szymanski)
New Thang (Sobrielo, Lee, Sarlemijn)
No Diggity (McAdam)
Off The Chain (Whitehouse)
One Wing (Whitehouse)
Painting Pillows (McEnaney-White)
Party Night (Murray & Hadisubroto)
People Help the People (Hadisubroto +4)
Perfectly Confused (Ingram)
Plastic Pretty (Vos)
Pontoon (Smith)
Running (Craig)
Save the Day (Winson)
Sensacion (Bailey, Hadisubroto, Sarlemijn)
Shut Up and Dance (Peter & Allison)
Shy (Kinser & Shatto)
Something In The Water (Poulsen)
Soul Food (Evans)
Spiderweb (Stith)
Stitches (Glass)
Stories (Barnes)
Strip it Down (McEnaney-White)
Sugar Honey I.T. (Barnes)
Sugar Rush (Thornton)
Summer Wind (Szymanski)
Summertime Strolling (Brown)
Tangled Up (Dominguez)
The Beast (Fowler)
Tonight (Hadisubroto & Sarlemijn)
Trespassing (Whitehouse & Bailey)
Uptown Funk (Fowler)
Uptown Slide (Dominguez)
Wakey Wakey (Blevins & Szymanski)
Want To Want Me (Murray, Hadisubroto & Sarlemijn)
We Are Tonight (Albro)
What’s Cooking (Rushton)
Whip It (McKeever & McEnaney-White)
Whispering (Warren)
Witness (Whitehouse & Bailey)
Won’t Tell a Soul (McEnaney-White, Jakobsen)
WTF (What The France) (Whitehouse, Bailey & Warren)
You’re Not the Boss of Me (Poulsen & Ward)